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We may provide you with complete solutions, personalized products, spare parts and technical support for all the products of the following companies as we are their exclusive representative in Greece.

All the products we import are of high reliability as they are made in Italy with high quality raw materials, comply with all European standards and laws, and are superior to the competition in their mechanical design and advanced technology.




JONIX Srl was founded in 2013 to meet the growing needs for the elimination of indoor air pollutants. He developed and developed an ionization system using cold plasma technology: non-thermal plasma (NTP) technology. The research as well as the manufacture of its products is carried out entirely in Italy, Pisa and Padua respectively. JONIX products meet the needs of many different areas such as: 

  • Hotel
  • Food industry
  • Medical: clinics, hospitals, care centers
  • Pedagogical: schools, nurseries, schools
  • Care: beauty centers, hairdressers, spa
  • Shopping: offices, shops, restaurants
  • Household

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