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We have been participating in the international exhibition Climatherm Energy since 2006, each time with new products and the most complete range of the market. Our decision to be present exclusively to this exhibition is due to the fact that Climatherm Energy is the only exhibition in Greece that specializes in the energy sector and is addressed to professionals in the field.

23-25/02/2024 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
25-27/02/2022 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
21-23/02/2020 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
22-25/02/2018 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
25-28/02/2016 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
06-09/03/2014 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
01-04/03/2012 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
03-07/03/2010 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
13-17/02/2008 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ
08-12/02/2006 | ΔΙΕΘΝΗΣ ΈΚΘΕΣΗ

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